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Danger Zone

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I’ve always been a sucker for planes and helicopters. So much so that I have the occasional dreams of going Maverick style crazy on an F16, like a scene out of Top Gun (one of my favorite movies…… surprise!). I’m pretty sure I was a pilot of some sort in my past life, maybe that’s where my obsession for fast machines comes from.

There’s a heliport docked right over the East River on South Street. While my fellow neighbors hate the fact that it’s hearing distance from home, I go bonkers at the sight of these passing helicopters like a sugar cracked out kid in a candy store. While people’s idea of zen time usually consists of activities a little more quiet than whirling choppers, my “quiet” spot is right here in the, wait for it…… DANGER ZONE!!! Hah! I will see myself out now.